has been retired

Thanks for the memories...

After seven years, I have decided to retire

This decision is something that had been in the back of my mind for a while. I’ve been blogging for several years now, and have been taking photographs seriously since 2006. In this time, the process of posting pictures regularly helped me hone my skills, and in the process, meet a lot of talented people who shared a common interest.

With time, my own life has evolved, and I have finally come to a stage where I realise that I can no longer commit to posting new content every day. With that stated, I believe that time has come for me to stop focussing in putting more of my content out there, and focus on sharing what I have learnt. To do this, I felt I needed to make a clean break from the old domain, and establish a new one.

With that said, I have moved the content that most folks generally come looking for to my new website – it’s a simple domain name that is merely my first name, and my last name.

If you’re looking for specific items that strike your fancy, I have listed them on the left.

I will always love photography, and will continue to take photographs. I have merely come to a stage where I have decided to take the stress out of it, and go back to enjoying it the way I did when I started with my first point and shoot!

Thank you all for supporting me during this time.

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